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Saving for Retirement

What is your definition of retirement?  Not having to work?  Working at whatever you choose?  Travelling?  Just playing with the grandkids?  Whatever it is, it’s your definition that counts!  The hard part is defining at least some of that when you’re younger – while you have the benefit of time on your side to build the financial resources you’ll need when the “future” becomes the “now!” 

Time is an investor’s best friend, so congratulations for taking the time to plan for it well ahead of time!  If you invest your time and resources, we’ll work with you to:

  1. Start or update a retirement PLAN – with long periods of time (15-50 years) come rising costs, big spending goals, business and career aspirations and many other things. One of the smartest things you can do early is make a plan and pay yourself first. Even a smaller amount over a long time can really make a difference. Planning should coordinate with future social security, pension and other sources of benefits and retirement income.
  1. Develop an investment STRATEGY – an overall strategy may include utilizing your employer’s retirement plan (if available), setting up your own small business retirement plan, contributing to a traditional or Roth IRA, funding an annuity or using life insurance as a retirement plan – all of which provide for various levels of tax-favored treatment. For example, tax-deferred growth allows for greater compounding of investment returns over time. 
  1. Professionally MANAGE your growing wealth – whatever the overall strategy, it is important to build, fund and grow investment portfolios that are built on the time-tested principles of asset allocation, risk management, quality and long-term perspective - and to follow the advice of your “coach” – your financial advisor.

Part of our role is to help you remember the lessons of history and not make the common mistakes many investors do. 

“The longest journey begins with one step.”   -Lao Tsu

Let’s get you started!

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