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Planning Your Estate

What are your wishes?  Who, or what, is important to you? 

To help you plan your estate, we’ll work with you to: 

  1. Answer some tough questions as you PLAN – while we cannot provide tax or legal advice, we can assist you to sort out some of the right questions to ask yourself. We can then introduce you to an Estate Planning Attorney or CPA/tax professional to continue making a formal plan. We can also work with the professionals in this area that you already have a relationship with.  Some examples: Did you or any of your beneficiaries get married, divorced, have more children, etc?  Did you recently retire?  Did you have any health disability or issues?  Did you move from one state to another, or acquire real estate in a new state where you plan to live part-time?  Did your assets or income change?  Did you start a new business?  If so, are others involved? 
  1. Coordinate and implement your STRATEGY – coordinating with your attorney and CPA, we’ll assist in determining appropriate products, when needed, to fund various types of trusts including trusts funded by insurance. We’ll reference your will, powers of attorney, health care directives and any other special needs you’ve put in place. We’ll also review and/or introduce you to philanthropic strategies like planned giving, donor advised funds, foundations and endowments if desired.
  1. MANAGE the funding tools per your legal guidance – many of the products used to accomplish this require careful design, implementation and annual or periodic review. It is important to maintain the proper structure for accumulation, protection and distribution of your estate.


"Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.”   – Thomas Edison 

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