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Saving for Higher Education

We all know the statistics.  Higher education means potentially higher income and financial security in life.  As parents and grandparents, we all know what we want for our children – to have a better life than us.  It is so much easier to set some monthly money aside for 15-20 years than it is to come up with this year’s tuition now! 

If you have children or grandchildren (or great-grandchildren!) we’ll work with you to: 

  1. Develop a higher education PLAN – starting with your goals for educating your children or grandchildren, we’ll calculate the estimated future cost of the colleges of your choice to determine what needs to be set aside now, given the years until it’s time to send them off! Other sources of college funding like merit and need-based scholarships, loans, grants, investment assets, etc. should be reviewed as well. 
  1. Develop an investment STRATEGY – What is most important to you? Control? Tax benefits? Growth?  High contribution levels?  These are all important to determine as we consider various ways to save/invest for higher education – taxable accounts, 529 Savings Plans, custodial accounts, Coverdell ESA’s, Roth-IRA’s, etc.  Each of these platforms have pros and cons, now and later, and should be carefully chosen to fit your goals and plan. 
  1. Professionally MANAGE this important investment in your children – whatever the overall strategy, it is important to fund and grow education portfolios that are built on the time-tested principles of asset allocation, risk management, quality, long-term perspective – and fiduciary responsibility to the children. Also, if the person funding the account dies, should there be money available to fully fund all higher education? 


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”   – Nelson Mandela

Let’s get them on their way!

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