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PLANNING & CONSULTING: PLANNING Process                                                                            

The Planning Process involves the time you spend defining your dreams and goals, the time we spend analyzing these goals and converting them into financial language that makes sense, and the time we spend together determining what is possible and what is most important to you.  Where are you now?  What are you trying to achieve and when?  What resources do you have to address your goals?  We can provide single-goal planning as well as formal, comprehensive planning with deliverables (reports, projections, etc.).  Once you have a plan, we’ll work with you to implement it and review it at least annually.1 

RESEARCH, STRATEGIES & PORTFOLIOS: Investment STRATEGY                                                                       

A sound Investment Strategy is important if it is to serve your goals in a meaningful and sustainable way.  Determining the “right tools for the job” - type of account, how much should go into that account and how it should be invested - is where good strategy starts.  Of primary importance is managing the risk of investing in today’s world.  We build objective-based portfolios that balance performance expectations with the overall amount of risk you are willing to take to obtain that performance.2  With 24 years of experience - as well as ongoing access to many sources of comprehensive research and information - we’ll position, manage, update and review your overall investment strategy and portfolios according to the objective and your overall plan.1

TOTAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT: Wealth MANAGEMENT                                                                       

Wealth Management is about taking all of your planning and investment portfolios to a comprehensive level of care and protection.  Coordinating the many other aspects of your financial life is important and can be challenging and time consuming.  Financial security that has taken a lifetime to build can be threatened or even wiped out by unforeseen events, as well as predictable influences like sickness, taxes or the need to care for someone you love.  With a total wealth management approach we also help you to serve your greater wishes as to family, community, legacies, charity and philanthropy – as well as helping you to identify & protect against the greater potential risks to those wishes.1

We’ll assist you in determining the services you may need and that bring you the most value.

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1 All costs are disclosed prior to, or at, purchase.  2 Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

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