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Close to Retirement

As you get closer to your goal of retirement, whatever that looks like to you, it is important to thoroughly review your overall financial position and start to look much closer at a variety of retirement income scenarios, their probabilities of long-term success and the potential risks to that success.

If you’re within 10 years of retiring, we’ll work with you to:

  1. Review and update your retirement PLAN – looking at variable retirement scenarios will help you make informed decisions as to expectations, risks, timing and unknown factors. We’ll “zoom in” on any gaps in your funding and identify shortfalls. Tax planning for a transition to retirement is even more important now. All planning should fully coordinate with anticipated social security, pensions, business sales, real estate income, disability, inheritances and any other sources of benefits and retirement income. 
  1. Develop or coordinate your investment STRATEGY – all investment assets, across all account vehicles, should be coordinated as to objective, asset allocation, suitable level of risk, tax treatment and rollover strategies. Investment objective(s) should be matched as much as possible to goals derived from planning.
  1. MANAGE the transition and the risks – as we help you review or determine your goals and strategy we’ll guide you through every step of making the transition to a financially secure retirement. Employer paperwork, IRA/Roth-IRA/401k/403b/457 rollover forms, tax issues, IRS rules, re-positioning costs (if any), family and beneficiary considerations, insurance and risk management, legacy and philanthropic wishes – and much more.

“Change is the only constant in the universe.”    - Albert Einstein

Let’s get working on it!

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